Important message for applicants:

We regret to inform that appointments will not be available on October 9th.  Any applicants that have scheduled on October 9th should reschedule at their earliest convenience.


Please be advised that we are currently transitioning from courier services with the Deutsche Post to DPD.  If you are uncertain if your document was shipped via Deutsche Post or DPD please note that DPD tracking numbers will appear as only numbers.  Documents shipped via DPD can be tracked at this website:

 If you have letters in your tracking number, then your document was shipped via Deutsche Post and can be tracked via:


Farsi Speakers -- Plan Ahead: The Nonimmigrant Visa Unit in Frankfurt does not currently have a Farsi speaking officer. Applicants who are not conversant in either English or German are advised to apply for their visa at one of the visa processing posts designated to serve Iranian applicants (Yerevan, Ankara, and Dubai) or bring a Farsi-language translator. Iranian applicants who choose to apply in Frankfurt should be aware that the visa process often cannot be completed during the normal validity of a Schengen visa, and may require multiple trips to Germany.

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