Visas for Minors Under 18

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Please note that in accordance with U.S. law, applicants older than 18 are considered adults. For applicants between the ages of 18 and 21, it is not required that the parents be present for the visa interview.

Every visa applicant under 18 years of age and single must meet with the following basic requirements (in addition to the documentation necessary for the type of visa they are requesting), whether they are applying for the first time or renewing:

Requirements for Minors (under 18)

    • All travelers, including minors, are required to have a visa to enter the United States. The application process for a minor is the same as for adults - complete the DS-160 application form, pay the visa fee, and schedule an appointment. Both biological parents and / or legal guardians should attend the interview, if possible. The presence of the child in the Embassy depends on his age.The child must attend an interview with both biological parents and/or legal guardians. Both parents must present their passports (or Honduran ID card if one of the parents does not have a passport) and the child's original birth certificate.

    • If the biological parents of the child are divorced, we prefer that the child be accompanied to his appointment by the father or mother who has parental authority, together with the legal documents that accredit the aforementioned. If you do not have these documents, or do not know the whereabouts of the father or mother of your child, you can still apply for a visa for your child.

    • Children born in the United States (with very few exceptions) are citizens of the United States and are not eligible for a visa. Foreign-born children of a US citizen parent (s) can qualify for US citizenship through the "Consular Report of Birth Abroad" process. Any child with the possibility of opting for citizenship is ineligible for a visa until a final determination is made as to whether or not such citizenship corresponds to them