Important Announcement Regarding Retirement of the Business Executive Program (BEP)

Update: Existing BEP Coordinator log-ins will be automatically converted to Travel Coordinator log-ins on or around April 1, 2015 with no change in functionality. BEP Coordinators will be able to continue to use their log-ins as normal without any interruption in service.

Since the establishment of the Business Executive Program (BEP) in the 1990s, conditions within the U.S. Mission to India have changed significantly. In light of these developments, U.S. Mission India is forging a new business model that will accord all legitimate business travelers the same level of support with the same degree of timeliness and responsiveness via our appointments and customer service contractor.

On April 1, 2015, the U.S. Embassy and Consulates throughout Mission India will retire the BEP program.   After April 1, 2015, all BEP log-ins will be disabled. All BEP appointments currently made for dates after April 1, 2015 will be honored. After April 1, 2015, all companies will be able to book appointments via regular channels on this website. The current BEP appointment slots will be added to regular appointment slots that all companies can use. The U.S. will continue to prioritize business visas. As appropriate,   we will use H or L visa appointment blocks in the interview appointment scheduling system to ensure shorter wait times for these business travelers as required. If you have an urgent business need, please visit to request an emergency appointment. Any visa queries can be directed to us through  

We value our continuing dialog with businesses in India. To facilitate legitimate business travel, consular managers at each post will continue to meet with business leaders as needed. In coordination with the U.S. Commercial Service, AMCHAMs, and IACC organizations throughout India, each post will continue to provide visa workshops to interested companies. If it becomes necessary to make any adjustments to our visa processing system we will provide that information to our key businesses partners visa e-mail as well as through workshops and conferences. All current BEP members will be included in our mailing list for such updates and will receive information to assist U.S. citizens who might be on their staffs. We thank BEP members for their commitment to doing business in the U.S. We look forward to continuing our partnership facilitating business travel.

Notice: Information on scheduling group appointments (including making bulk payments) is available on our group appointment page.  Information on the travel coordinator function, which allows you to schedule and manage appointments for multiple applicants is available on our travel coordinator page.