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You should electronically register your visa delivery address prior to your interview at the Embassy.   

To register your preferred visa delivery address, you will first need to create a profile. After logging into your profile, please click on “New Application/Schedule Appointment”, select “Immigrant Visa” and then “Document Delivery Registration”. Be sure to print out the confirmation page at the end of the process and bring it with you to the interview. You will need your Immigrant Case Number to enter your document delivery address. Your Immigrant Case Number begins with “RGA” or other capital letters, or a calendar year, if you are applying for a diversity visa (DV).


PLEASE NOTE: After your visa is approved, your documents can be delivered ONLY WITHIN LATVIA.  Document deliveries outside Latvia are not available. You can either choose to pick up your passport at the courier’s office at DKL SIA Riga, Balta 1B, office 104 OR you can pay  for Premium Home Delivery service to your preferred home or office address in Latvia.

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