Submitting documents

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The U.S. Embassy may give you a 221(g) letter directing you to submit additional documents or information related to your visa application. Your application will be kept on hold at the Embassy until you submit those documents.

All documents and information requested in a 221(g) letter should be submitted free of charge either at the FedEx Head Office location in Bucharest (No. 172-176, Bucuresti – Ploiesti Road) or by using the optional premium (paid) drop-off/courier service within one year from the date you received the 221(g) letter. Failure to submit the required information within one year will result in the suspension of your visa application. You will be required to submit a new visa application and pay all associated fees in order to continue with your visa application process.

How to Submit documents

Step 1

Click here to print a Document Submission Letter. Complete the checklist manually.

Step 2

Pay the delivery fee. The only free location is the FedEx Head Office located in Bucharest. The delivery fee may be paid by clicking here: VERY IMPORTANT: In the “Notes (Optional)” field, you must include your UID.

  • If you wish to drop off your documents at any premium FedEx drop off location, in the “Notes (Optional)” field on the payment page, next to the UID, you must also include the name of the drop off location, as shown in the example below. Each applicant must make an individual payment with their own UID number.

  • If you wish to submit your documents by courier from your home or office address, in the “Notes (Optional)” field of the payment page, include the UID and tick the box labeled “My Billing and Shipping address are different”. A dropdown window will be displayed, where you must fill out the address, as shown in the example below. Each applicant must make an individual payment with their own UID number. Make sure you include correct postal code. A courier will come pick up the documents within two business days. Please plan accordingly, as a person should be present at the moment of pick-up.

Failure to include the UID, drop-off location or complete address will result in delays in the application process. The UID may be found in the upper right corner of your ustraveldocs profile – example below.


Step 3

Within two business days of payment confirmation, you’ll receive an email from containing the airway bill (AWB). Please check any junk or spam folders if you have not received it within this timeframe. In case you do not receive the air way bill, please email us at, and attach the payment confirmation. Do not call the US Embassy in Bucharest, as this will only result in further delays. Embassy staff are unable to provide any AWB-related status updates.

Step 4

In order to submit all required documents, please print out the AWB before proceeding to a FedEx location or the courier reaches your address. Failure to provide the AWB will result service delays and possible additional payment. The only free option is personally dropping your documents off at the FedEx Head Office located in Bucharest. All other locations or calling for a courier incur a premium fee of 15.73 USD – see Step 2.

Step 5

FedEx delivers your documents to the Embassy.

Step 6

When the Embassy is ready they will hand over your documents to FedEx. FedEx returns your documents and your passport to you at your chosen document pick-up location. If issued, your passport will contain your visa. You may also receive a new 221(g) letter with additional requirements from the Embassy.