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Passport/Visa Collection Locations

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If your visa is approved the passport will be returned to you via Postnord services.

In order for the U.S. Embassy to return your passport, approved visa, and other documents, please purchase a registered waybill from Postnord. See instructions below:

  1. Visit PostNord ’Skicka Direkt’website

  2. For a secure and traceable shipment, we strongly encourage you to select Registered Service (REK)., Your documents will be sent to the local post office, and the receiver must claim the parcel by showing a valid Swedish ID or a valid passport. If you don’t have a valid identification document you must address your waybill to someone you trust who can claim your parcel on your behalf.

  3. Select the appropriate weight (100g for 1-2 passport, 250g for 3-5 passports)

  4. Sender (Avsändare):
    • Embassy of the United States,
    • Dag Hammarskjölds väg 31,
    • 115 89 Stockholm
    • Email: Use your own email to receive a copy of the waybill and your receipt.

  5. Receiver (Mottagare): Where you want your documents to be sent

  6. Purchase your waybill

  7. Present your waybill
  8. On request: If you have been requested by the U.S. Embassy to send in your waybill by email, please forward your waybill (frakthandling) as a PDF document with returning correspondence.

    Appointment/Interview Waiver: Print your waybill and attach your waybill to an C4 or C5 size envelope (do not use large, padded envelopes) , and bring/send your addressed envelope together with your visa application.

    REK envelope

    Important Notes:

    • Purchase your return waybill only from PostNord website. If you purchase your waybill over the counter from a PostNord representative, it will be activated at the time of purchase and cannot be used by us.

    • Do not use large, padded envelopes (preferred envelope size is C5 or C6 envelopes)

    • Unused waybills can be redeemed within a 14-day period from the time of purchase by contacting PostNord customer service.